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(When last we left our intrepid teen investigator she was searching for a missing child and found a multi-dimensional bar instead.)

Chance's hunch had been right and she had found the missing shaman's daughter. She had also found a dead body and [four] trogs* who were in the process of kidnapping the poor girl. Chance knew she was out gunned and so bolted.

The trogs didn't take too well to this and gave chance, leading ultimately to a dead end alley, despite Chance's best efforts at losing them.

Things didn't look too good for her when the dragon she'd released earlier in the day swooped in and saved her. Together they had run (or flown as the case may be) and slipped into the sewers. 

[*Trogs are enchanted humans who gain increased strength and stamina at the price of taking on a monstrous appearance, something like orcs. The enchantment is usually temporary and used for bodyguards and the like.]
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Her father was going kill her. And take away her aircar. And ground her for the rest of her life. She'd be in her 80's before she ever saw the light of day. He'd come home, find out what she'd been up, and that would be it. Life over. Simple fact.

Problem was, it didn't change that there was another girl out there in the city who was lost while her father was at the hospital in a coma. Yeah, she was breaking curfew but she also knew what she was doing was right. Why did doing what was right have to get her in trouble? How was that fair?

And maybe if she hadn't released that little dragon some irresponsible summoner had illegally pulled into this dimension, the discipline hammer wouldn't be that heavy. But her father himself said the procedure might kill the little guy and what sort of choice was that? Still, maybe hiding the dragon would've been better than letting it fly free. They could've taken more time to find a way to get the little guy home without risking his life, right? Well, too late now.

Of course, if she did find the little girl, and thus help the police--like her family was supposed to be doing--maybe Dad would see that she could be his assistant and Devil's Echo, their city, won't have to wait for her maybe-son-in-the-far-distant-future to take over the family duty of protecting the city from supernatural threats. She could understand her father's reasons--after all, she missed her mother as well--but it still wasn't fair. And really, waiting until she maybe had a son when she was only 14 and a half was just taking too much of a risk, if you asked her.

Sighing, Chance reined in her scattered thoughts. She was here now, at the last know location of the shaman, John Raven, and his daughter, Mina. So convenient that Lt. Saunders had left the case file for her father to review when he returned from his business trip. A simple enough matter to sneak into the study to review it, which lead her to the Maze, one of the less than savory area of Devil's Echo. She'd have to watch her back.

She found the hotel easy enough, and slipping past the night clerk was easy. Avoiding contact with the other residents was a little trickier, but she managed. Now at Raven's room, she was left with the police crime scene seals, which would be tricky to get by without disturbing them. Good thing she was still pretty small....

Hogwarts AU

May. 1st, 2017 09:01 am
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George, her dragon, is an Appalacian pseudo-dragon which has some Ottawaian wyvern. He can fly and breath fire though he only breaths fire as a last resort and will give lots of warning before he does so, sort of like how skunks will give lots of warning before spraying. He also is very smart, understanding basic human speech though he can't talk.
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Full name: Chance Louise Verdella Poe Falconer

Allergic to milk

14.5 at end of series


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